Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dissertation Woes? Get Unstuck Package

Winter is a critical time for PhD candidates and students. The potential costs, emotionally and financially, of not getting unstuck and moving toward finishing your dissertation can be immense.

If you are feeling stuck at any stage of the dissertation process, I will work with you intensively for one month to help get you moving forward. This includes up to two coaching calls per week, accountability check ins, and other structures to get you on the right (write) path.  I am offer this to the first five doctoral students or candidates who sign up, for $500.

My specialty as a coach is in helping scholars work through their own emotional, psychosocial issues that are keeping them from meeting their goals. I have a unique set of skills and experiences, in that I am trained as a psychotherapist, have published over 15 books and 120 articles, and continue to be a tenured full professor at a great university. Unlike some who want you to leave the "evil world" of academia, I love higher education! I have helped many dozens of scholars move past their barriers and toward their goals.

If you want to talk about it, email me.

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