Thursday, July 31, 2014

Global Social Welfare: A New Journal

Its pretty rare that a new journal pops in my discipline (social work) and even rarer to discover a new one related to global and international issues. I was doing a bit of journal surfing for a client, and found just such a new beast: Global Social Welfare.

Judging from the editorial board and other online materials, it actually seems fairly interdisciplinary in focus, drawing from social development, social work, and policy studies.

Its a good thing to check out new journals for opportunities for becoming a reviewer, editorial board member, or as a venue for submission. While they do not have the prestige that older journals have, they also may not get have the same glut of submissions.

Remember to look for new journals from time to time. Simple put "new journal" (in quotes to reduce the number of hits), the year, and the topic/discipline, into a search engine, and see what comes up. Its always nice to also find the new perspectives that comes with a new journal.

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