Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Focus: Go where your energy is

“Go where your energy is” may sound like a philosophical or new age idea. However, it is extremely practical and one of the most important ideas to incorporate into your writing discipline.” Go where your energy is” means that you should focus on that which interests you the most, on articles and sections of articles that are calling for your attention. When we follow our energy, we often find that we can write a great deal in a very short time, producing a great deal more writing than when we “force” ourselves. Of course, this must be balanced by the need to eventually finish your work. Having ten articles in various phases that never get done won’t help you; at some point you have to focus on finishing your work. However, by allowing yourself, especially at the start of your writing sessions, to be creative and explore, and to focus on that which you are drawn to, will allow you to produce a good deal of work. Over the long haul, this will be important toward meeting your writing goal.


  1. I appreciate this post so much! I just finished a new piece I am proud of because the "energy" was was hard to explain to people at the time but now that the new research is accepted and forthcoming, it is obvious that it was the right choice.

  2. Thank you, I agree that this is a most inspiring post. Specifically as writing is a somewhat lonely and slow process, keeping faith in your own research and analysis is crucial.

    Again - thank you for an inspiring as well as constructive posting.

  3. that's a really good advice. Tested.