Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lesson from a broken keyboard

My computer keyboard sadly on my laptop s partally ded (yes ded you wll have to fgure out what that means)...Can you tell what letters are mssng? Can you see that have no comma?

Two hours untl the computer store opens up-  have to get an external keyboard.

So  am left wth a couple of thoughts. Frst how helpless  feel wthout a fully functonng computer. Second how prvledged  am that  have one and that  can go to the store and fx the problem easly.

Thrd that wthn every problem rests the opportunty for a creatve soluton. And f  would to wrte and f  am commtted to dong so then there s nothng that need stand n my way. Ths really fouces me to wrte and not edt no?

Besdes thnk of the word choce and sentence contructon choces that  am not forced to make.

And yes  am actaully gong to post ths.

 May your laptop not get water splled on t by a random stranger whle you are n the bathroom.

Happy wrtng!

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