Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing: The Weekend Challenge

I am going to start to post, each Saturday, a different challenge for your to complete. Some of you consciously take the weekend off; you are able to find ways of being productive during the five-day work week, and take the weekends as a time to rejuvenate, rest, and live the rest of your life.

Good for you!

Some of us do work on the weekend; we find that if we live balanced lives all the time, and really love our work, and want to do some writing during the weekends.

Others can't stop working ever- that is another issue, for another time.

And some have not found their writing groove; please keep reading this blog and other inspirational material, and seek out help and support.

But I digress.

So, each Saturday, I will post a weekend challenge. If you accept the challenge, and wish to do so, post your experience trying (and succeeding or not) the challenge under the comment section for that day.

Weekend Challenge #1

Go back into your files and find an old paper or part of a paper that you never did much with. Read it and see if it sparks any ideas. Perhaps you can easily get it into shape, or perhaps it will spark other ideas. Maybe it is publishable now, but perhaps not in the best journal, but in something a bit less challenging. Regardless, go back and see if you have anything to work with. You may not wish to publish it, but you may discover something of value.


  1. Hello sir,
    I'm an undergraduate student of architecture. Ever since I was in a young age I found my interest in writing poems and short fantasy stories. I didn't put much energy in it, I just write whatever 'shines' in my mind, and it was very relieving.
    I took your challenge and found one of the first stories I wrote when I was 17. Although it was about 15 lines and incompelete, the way it was put revived in me a beautiful idea of turning what is condidered rigid and classic into something flexible and hilarious. Now I have an occasion to collect some lost pieces of my personality and it feels good.
    I'm glad I stepped into your blog. And I'm already enjoying it.
    Tana Allah

  2. Tana:

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt response and for being the very first one to take one of my challenges.

  3. Dear Rich,

    My name is Matías from Chile. I'm a clinical psychologist, faculty member of the Psychology Department, Diego Portales University. Last week I took some time on looking at old essays and papers I never sent to any journal or magazine.

    I found two papers: one that's almost ready for publication and another that was rejected a few years ago and never re-wrote it. I decided to send the first one to a "less challenging" journal and to re-write the second one, adding new information and actualized data. Reading this second paper made me think of new potential articles, so I think this is a great excercise. There are always some lost papers between our files that can be renewed and published.

    Thaks, great blog!

  4. Hi Matias,

    O, tal vez mejor, bienvenidos, y saludos. Glad that you took the challenge, and that it help you go back and do some archaeology of your own work! Sounds like it has been fruitful!

    Ojala charlemos mas aqui.