Friday, February 15, 2013

Expanding focus: Bonus writing

Bonus writing

Even if you do focus on one article, and one section at a time, the concept of “bonus writing” may be of value for you. Bonus writing is writing you do when you feel you cannot write anymore, but want to just push yourself a bit more. For example, let’s say you have been working on the discussion section of an article. You spend an hour writing, and at some point, feel burned out. You can no longer focus on the topic, and find that your writing is no longer clear. When you experience this mild burn out, try moving on to another section or another article. We have found this can be productive for several reasons. First, you may find that you were just tiring of the material on which you were working, but actually had some energy for writing. Even if do find that this is not your best writing, bonus writing on other sections or articles can add up to a good deal of writing, and add greatly to your overall productivity. Remember since you are are writing only and not editing now, and will clean up your writing later, it is ok for your first drafts to be less than fantastic.

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