Friday, July 20, 2012

The 100 Word Essay

Feeling stuck? Is the idea of a full length article daunting right about now? Need a jump start?

Try the 100 word essay.

Write the totality of an article in 100 words. Not any more, not any less. Use the container of the 100 word essay as a means of achieving clarity about what you want to say, and as a means of breaking out of "writers block." (I will be addressing the social construction of what we call "writers block" often in this blog, and you will always see it in quotes-more on that some other time).

Give yourself the task or writing three, 100 word essays over the course of a three day period (or in the same day, if you dare). See if it does not move you closer to some good ideas about where you wish to take an article.

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