Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exercise: Freewrite from Title

On a piece of paper, write the title of an article you would love to write. If you cannot think of a title, write the title of an article you wish somebody would write. This might be an article you wish you had for your students, or just something you would like to read, or something you think would somehow make a difference.

Now, write for ten minutes without thinking, without censoring yourself, without judging yourself.

What did you come up with? Is this an idea or article that you might wish to pursue?

It is not realistic to think that every time you freewrite you will develop actionable ideas. However, if even one in five efforts leads to something actionable, might you not use this as a tool?

If you do not want to write it now, save it for later. Or, send the idea to a colleague who you think would like the idea. Give it away. Be generous. It will come back to you.

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