Friday, July 27, 2012


Celebrate the completion of an article, the acceptance of an article, and the publication of an article! I am not suggesting that you fly to Tahiti every time you finish a writing task (although, looking at this photo, how nice would that be!), but it is important to celebrate your milestones, achievement, or even process goals. Celebrating your achievements or efforts is not only good for the spirits, and allows us to savor the fruits of our labors, but also reinforces our behavior, making it more likely for it to continue. Perhaps you have had a hard time writing each day. If that is the case, do a small, nice thing for yourself if you have been consistent for a while.


  1. Hi Rich! Something I find myself battling with is if my article is "valuable." I consider myself an interdisciplinary scholar with a broad array of interests: african american studies, sound studies, and African American literature. I have a forthcoming article coming out in Current Musicology. I am proud of my first peer reviewed article, but I'm curious about if it will be worth anything as I prepare for the job market in the literature and (African) American Studies fields. Thoughts?

  2. First,congts on the publication! A first publication is huge, and something to be totally proud of. So, it sounds like part of the questions is to what degree does an article have to be in the "exact" area of study or field to "count" for a the job market, is that correct?

    Let me know, and I will answer this more fully in a blog post, but for now, let me say that the answer is YES, it will count, as it shows that you have the skills to publish in a peer-revoewed journal. The question is how much it will count, and that I will discuss in a posting (If i am getting the essence of your question).


  3. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I'm asking. Thanks!