Monday, October 27, 2014

Write Where Writers Writer

My wife and I were having coffee at a cool independent coffeehouse in Seattle the other day (Yes, we have great indy places in the birthplace of corporate coffee, thank you very much). While I was enjoying my black drip coffee, and she her concoction with more adjectives than I care to consider, I noticed all the people writing.

Not just surfing the web, but truly writing. You can tell the difference. I strolled around, and surreptitiously peeked at what people were doing. Yes, writing was happening, and it was good! One professorial type (what is that, really?) seemed to be working on an article (citations galore, a dead giveaway), another seemed to be working on a novel or screen play. Five people all total, at different tables, writing, deeply, intensely, consistently.

How aware were they of each other? I do not know, but the "writing vibe" was palpable. Maybe they were not fully aware of each other, moment to moment, but I cannot help but to think that each were greatly influenced by the generation of words in their presence.

Something to consider, no?

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  1. I recently started a writing group - meeting 1x a week for 2 hours. And I was a bit surprised to realise how much hearing and seeing others engrossed in their worked helped me to relax and focus on my own work.