Friday, October 3, 2014

Losing Writing to Job Hunting, or Life!!

So how are all your job searches going? It is such a stressful time.

Either you have interviews and are freaked out about how prepared you are. or how you will come across, or how you will manage flying out to bumble butt nowwheresville while managing all your other life responsibilities!Even worse if you don't have interviews and are waiting by the metaphorical phone for someone to call.

Making progress on your research and writing during this process will be hard. Yet, will it be any harder than when you are in the first year of your tenure track position (if that is where you are headed), having to balance new classes, new colleagues, new committees, new rules, and a whole new life?!?

Each year, there are new challenges that threaten to get in the way of our writing agendas. Each year, it is easy to say it is the new job, the new relationships, the health issues, the baby, ect.

As the commercial asserts- "life come at you fast." Each day we are challenged with the problems of living; rarely is it easy. Developing good habits with your writing and research will help you feel less guilty and prevent you from that sinking feeling that the years, and your career, are passing you by.

Today, ask yourself, what is one thing I can do today to advance a writing project. One thing that might only take a half hour? If it has been a while since you have done much, try to just do a few minutes. Start.

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  1. So true! Something always gets in the way of writing if we let it. Today I made a list of all of the relevant journals for my research. Not writing, but still advances the writing. Thanks!