Friday, October 10, 2014

New Places Challenge

This is a repeat challenge, but come on, I can't come up with new ones all the time! Besides, most of our challenges really are not one shot lessons only be done once, but exercises that are designed to help you add new tools to your metaphorical tool box. Kind of like Felix the Cats's Magic Bag of Tricks!!

Ah, memories :). But I digress: to the challenge!!

For this week's challenge, go someplace you have never written before. A cafe, a dinner, a city a few miles away, your car by the ocean,  a small rural library, wherever. 

Spend at least one hour writing, if you can. 

When you are done, reflect and write about the experience, using the following prompts.

What was this experience like for you? How did this change of location make a difference (if it did)? What can you take from this about your future writing rituals and work?

1 comment:

  1. I did! I spend around 2 hours writing in my office at work. Usually, I can only get writing done at home. I have such a mental block about writing in the office that I am more likely to find myself downloading files rules, or tidying up shelves, than writing. There is something about the 'busy-ness' of the place that prevents me from writing. Which is a pain, because I really should be spending more time in the office - but, I can't afford it because I have several writing projects that I must keep moving.

    But last week, I booked a room and got together with 3 other colleagues to just sit down and write. And it was a bliss.

    I even wrote a short post about it in my blog.