Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What we do well verses what we enjoy

Of course, we hope that in life our strength and our desires align. That which we are good at, in an ideal world, are things we enjoy. Yet, for some academics this is not always the case. There are time when we may have a set of strengths and competencies which make is good at a role that does not make us feel fulfilled.

This was the case for me and administrative work (although, I know some of my detractors would say that I perhaps am overestimating my skills!!). Regardless, I had to be true to myself that it was role that I did not enjoy, and and that if I let go of the role, a space for something else would occur.

It takes courage to admit what you do no wish to do, and courage to cultivate a new set of capacities, perhaps even turning former limitations into assets.

Courage, but what are the potential costs of not doing so?

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