Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What percentage?

Someone recently asked me what percentage of overcoming problems with writing are psychosocial. Of course, it depends upon the person. However, experience has shown me that it seems to average around 50% for many people (not sure for most, but for many I have worked with).  Of course, this is just an estimate; its hard to  quantify such things.

Working on your procrastination, anxiety, fear, stress, problems with rejection, fear of failure, immobilization, worries, and all the other cognitive/emotional/behavioral barriers that we possess helps us "get out of our own way" and allows our skills as scholars and writers to be accentuated (actualized?).

Yes, many people have technical issues, or just need to learn the rules of "the game." Yet taking care of your "playing field" (Self) can be valuable to nearly also of us.

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