Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So much to know, so much to learn

Even people who know a great deal about the publication process sometimes have things to learn. I found an interview on line with the editor of the journal, The Washington Quarterly. In it, the editor states that most policy oriented journals are not peer reviewed- his is not. He claims that most policy journals are reviewed only by an editorial staff.

Well, this is just untrue. The vast majority of policy journals are indeed peer-reviewer. Mind you, The Washington Quarterly is a very good journal, and in the interview the editor provides some sounds advice for scholars who wish to publish in the journal. This wee bit of misinformation, however, does suggest the need to carefully think through what we know about writing and publishing.

In spite of this, do take a read. He encourages diverse scholars to publish in the journal- this is a good thing. Do be aware though, that he does discuss how quality is not the only factor involved in what they publish- something to carefully think through. It is also important to decide if you wish to publish in a non-peer reviewed journal.

Here is the Interview

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