Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shame Part 2

There is another type of shame; the same of believing that you "should have gotten this by now." It is amazing how often I have heard similar messages from scholars who are, frankly, smarter and better trained than I.

Do you relate to one of these?

"I should know how to write and publish by now"

"I should have finished this project by now"

"What is wrong with me that I can't write more quickly?"

"A smarter person would have been able to _______"

"Why do I need to feel stressed before I can write? What is wrong with me?"

These shame-based statements not only are painful, but are powerful inhibitors to writing productivity and success. They sap us of the energy and focus we need to achieve. They lead to anxiety, worry and depression.

Relate to these? Again, time for some work.

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