Friday, January 18, 2013

A Great Editor

From time to time, most of us need an editor. And not just any editor, but someone who will deeply respect our work, and give us the type of service we need and deserve.

So, toward that aim, I want to introduce to you Greg Lamphear.  Greg is a trusted colleague, co-author, and friend. We just finished writing a book together, Writing and Publishing in English: A Guide for English as Second Language and International Scholars

Greg is an outstanding editor; in truth, he is the only one that I trust enough to recommend to the people I coach. Let me tell you why. First, Greg has the perfect background for this kind of work. He is an award winning journalist, and also is an ESL teacher. He is also an extremely talented writer (although, he is fairly shy about it- don't say I told you!) of fiction. This combination makes him highly skilled, and also sensitive to the needs of authors. He is very good at what he does.

Second, Greg understands academics. People who I have referred to him have been extremely pleased with how respectful he is of their ideas, while still doing a great job at editing and improving their writing. That is a really hard balance to get, and he does it well. You can tell him the type and depth of the edit, and he will do it. Want a simple proofread- ask him. Want more developmental editing? He can do that tool.

Third, Greg is just a great guy to work with. I think you will find him kind and empathic- no need to every be embarrassed around him. 
The best way to contact him is via his

He has a new website up.    Not much on there yet, but it is in the process of being developed.

Remember- there is no shame in getting the support and help you need. The shame is in NOT getting your needs met, and not reaching your full potential as a scholar. 

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