Thursday, October 11, 2012

What do English as Second Language Scholars Need?

As I mentioned briefly before, a colleague of mine and I, ESL teacher Greg Lamphear, are working on a book for English as Second Language scholars in the US and scholars around the world. It is geared toward those who wish to publish in English language journals. The book will basically have three sections: writing productivity, publishing and writing tips in general, and writing in English.

We are really excited about this project. So excited, we have written 30,000 words, or perhaps 75 percent of the book, in about six weeks. Of course, it so drafty that is shivers, and the organization is a mess.

We are at the point where we would love feedback from those of you who have ideas for us. What are your thoughts about the needs of  ESL scholars who wish to write and publish in English? We would also be interested in your thoughts about appropriate publishers.

I would be most thankful if you would email me your thoughts:

Think of this as your chance to have material included that would help our ESL audience in the US and internationally.

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