Monday, October 22, 2012

Sorry readers, I have been writing!

Sorry for my lack of posts here; I have been making sure that I am attending to my own scholarship first! (trying to do as I say). 35,000 words into the new book on writing/publishing for international/ ESL scholars- it is going really well. This is also how I roll; I become somewhat obsessed with longer writing projects, and it is all I want to do. Go where the energy is, I tell others, so I am going with it.

Thanks to the couple of you who have emailed me with suggestions for the book- they have been super helpful. I think we have only bout 5-10 thousand words left on the first draft; my hope is to have a finished first draft done by December 1. I will be presenting at a conference in Thailand in the middle of December, and will spend a week or so with my coauthor (journalist and ESL teacher in Thailand) after that, and hopefully we can finish it up shortly after!

Will be blogging more soon; I promise.

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