Monday, October 1, 2012


I have headache. I am not sure if I am getting sick, or if I just happen to have a small headache for some random reason. Its onset happened to coincide with an hour I set aside for writing.

So what did I do?

I wrote.

How did it feel?

During? Not very good. Tight, constrained, annoyed, yuk.

After? I feel good about myself for having done so, for having pushed through. I wrote about 500 words on the next book we are doing on writing and publishing, a book for English as second language and international scholars.

This is the most important work I do, for me, writing when it seems unlikely. It is the writing I do that makes me productive. It is easy when it is easy. Kind of like working out, or relationships, or life. It matters not when it flows, but how we do when things go against us.

Is it going to be great stuff? I doubt it, but I got it done, and always can edit it later, and met my goal regardless of how I felt.

It does not always feel good, and it does not have to.

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