Saturday, December 3, 2016

Writing on a Saturday Morning

I slept in a bit today, which means, my dogs let me sleep in past 7am. I fed them, made my daily oatmeal, and let them outside. I brew a cup of tea, and then, sit down to write. A productive forty five minute session- some focused free writing an in introductory chapter of an edited book I am working on, some analytical writing on an autoethnography, and then some administrative writing on something else.

Its just another day. In my chair, my dogs, words, sentences. I show up, I do my thing. Book and articles move forward.

Soon, I will have a client call, will workout with my kiddo, and do some grading. I may write more, and tonight,  I going out with a friend.

Day after day, year after year, we live and perform the life we construct for ourselves.

Writing, on a Saturday morning. Life is good.

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