Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Break Job Hunting Check Up

Its a joyous time for many, but for those on the academic job market, are or close to entering it, it can be stressful. As  the busiest term of my life has now ended, I wanted to offer a bit of extra help to those of you who are in the job market. I can give three hours of time for two hundred dollars, less then half of my standard rate, to five scholars who could use the support. 

How can you use your time?

1) Explore (via Google hangout video chat) your job hunting approach, and what "type" of universities/departments are good fits for who you wish to be (not your advisor, but YOU)
2) Mock phone or live interviews. Drilling responses and getting feedback from someone you trust is really helpful.
3) CV/Cover letter work. Most people don't get good advice on cover letters, and these are key.
4) Discuss career goals and aspirations.
5) And yes, we can talk about writing and publishing too.

This is good for the first five who email me, and must be used between now and January 7th.

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