Friday, September 2, 2016

The problem about the problem

I had a recent conversation with an increinbly smart, highly accomplished scholar who is a in a bit of a writing rut(undertatment). Not only is she stuck, but she is ashamed about being stuck. This secondary response, the feeling about the problem, is often the first thing needs to be worked on prior to (or at the same time) resolving the identified problem.

This is often why simply reading a book on writing productivity or following simple, clear advice does not work. The ideas may be valid, but other "stuff" is stopping you from implementing the good ideas. The self judgments that can arise from this can become an endless loop of shame, guilt and remorse, if not reslolved.

If you have one of these "prolbems about the problem," and are not able to resolve it on your own, you own it to yourself to find a way of working through it with some support or help.

Therapist or coach? Here is a post to help you decide.

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