Sunday, September 18, 2016

Technical problems, judgements, and lack of production....

I just realized that my blog's spell check is misfunctionoing. When did this start? How many posts with spelling errors (more than my typical one or two :)).

Two people pointed this out to me; one a good freind; he provide the facts and that was that.

The other was a couple of days ago (I did not put two and two together until just now). A reader from twitter chided me for a blog on writing with spelling errors. Clearlly, I could not possibility have published much, with such deficits, and had nothing to say about writing.

A quick peek at her CV showed a bunch of years and not many publications. I don't mean to come across as smug here; my hunch is, however, that there is a relationship between her micro management and judgment (applied to self, I would guess), and her lack of productivity.

Does this type of perfectionism apply to you? Any lessons here for your work?

I am going to keep having fun here, and just let it rip!

At some point, I guess I have some reading to do of old blog posts. Until then, I guess we will have to consider content and forgive me (or not) for a few spelling errors :). For journal articles and books, I will rely on editors and proof readers for (near) perfection. I am not going to let this slow me down. 

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