Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Oh no, here I go again!"

The academic year started. After a good summer of writing (or perhaps a not so good summer), you promise yourself you are going to engage in daily (or near daily) writing. You have listened to the many experts, and know that all you have to do is a half hour of writing per day. You tell yourself, you can do this. It is easy.

For a week, it goes well, And then, something happens. A day of committee meetings. Finding an article that feels too similar to the one you are writing. The realization that you are "behind". Comparisons to others. Ect.

And then.......

Knowledge is only half the battle. To really implement a writing ritual, you have to work on YOU. You must find a way of addressing your personal constellation of blocks and barriers, and learn how to work on each while you continue to maximize your strengths.

A place to start; read my posts from last summer, that I wrote to help you navigate these issues. I call last summer "psychosocial summer"- for those who feel stuck, and just can't make the changes they need that feel really simple. Simple yes, easy, no. Not easy at all.

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