Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer Balance: An Exercise

Aw, summer. Congratulations colleagues in semester programs in the United States; you have made it to summer. I have a few more weeks to slug it out before my quarter-system colleagues and I are privileged with summer. I am teaching, but being that it is online, and service responsibilities disappear, its a much different (enjoyable!) pace and vibe.

A few posts ago, I explored the notion of "intentionality" and the need intentionally and consciously choose the type summer you wish to have. Here, I argue for the notion of balance. I am not going to tell you how to balance your time, but ask you to consider what balance would look like for you, and what issues you wish to balance.

So, consider this an exercise. Do five to ten minutes of reflective writing on what balance this summer would (could, should??) look like?  What would it feel like? What would be the indicators (how would you know) that would demonstrate that you were in balance on most days. What supports or help would you need to achieve this balance?

Feel free to report back here :).

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