Friday, September 11, 2015

Witness and Healing Through Writing

We write for many reasons. I write for many reasons.  Today, I am not interested in writing as a method for research. I don't care about publishing today.

Writing may be means a of paying witness, of honoring, of healing. For some of us, writing is what we do when there is nothing else to be done. It is what we have to do. Writing can help us enter the darkest places of our hearts, of our souls; those parts that feel so damaged that we wonder if we will ever be whole again.

Jewish Talmudiic tradition teaches that he/she who saves one life saves the world. Sometimes, that life has to be oneself.  One must give with an open heart, but also know when they must be the one who is needing of the giving hearts of others.

Today, on 9/11/2015, this day of grief for so many, I go to court to finalize my divorce.

My heart. My heart. My heart, aches deeply. Today, my heart is broken.

Today, I will honor the great pain that exists in the world through honoring my own pain. It is all I can do. Today, I will write. I will write with my dogs in my lap. I will write with tears flowing down my face. I will write for souls that have been lost. I will write for my own.

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  1. A hard post to read. No doubt, a hard post to write, too.