Thursday, January 15, 2015

Challenge of the Week: Big Task List

For today, make sure your list of the "big tasks" you wish to accomplish is up to date (you have that list, right?). A task list is the operationalization of the big goals we have for the year. The degree to which your goals are operationalized may differ from person to person. Some people need small, micro goals for each week (or day). Others do well just seeing the largest tasks, and staying in the slow and grinding process of working on them daily.  Experiment with a varying amount of specificity, but stay in each day and work toward each goal slowly, over time.


  1. Just what I needed, thank you! I always have plans, but need to work hard to focus and fulfil my goals. I just finished a phonecall with positive response on a book I am writing.

  2. That is great ab out your book! One of the best times to push ourselves is after positive feedback. Keep it going!

  3. I love your challenges, they help me a lot. I am a little worried about absence of new posts - you are not going to quit blogging, are you?