Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Resource sharing

I would like to ask my readers to post, under the comment section, their favorite writing resources and tools.  Please post other blogs, websites, books, articles, or writing tools that you have found helpful in your journey as a writer/scholar.

I always love to learn new tools, tricks and sources of inspiration!


  1. I like your blog (obviously!) and Patter (over at

    I also draw inspiration and useful tips from the following Twitter accounts:

    You may also find @mystudiouslife's accountability google doc useful:

  2. Ana, thanks for sharing the URL for Patter.

    I recently used Google Drive to create a document and revise it with a collaborator. It was a very fast and efficient process. I will be using that again.

    I have just started using EndNote Web to manage citations, and again, share them efficiently with collaborators.