Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"I Hate Writing"

I have heard these words many times: "I hate to write." It is usually said in a way that social scientists would understand as "essentialist." In other words,  it is so deep that it is probably in one's bones, nestled deep within some biological structures. Or, it is sociologically determined, I hate writing and I always will hate writing since that is the totality of my learning and experience- it cannot change.

But do you really hate to write so fundamentally, so essentially or are there things that you can do to increase your potential enjoyment? (or at least decrease the misery?) Is it writing you really hate, or is it something about your internal expedience that is triggered during the process of writing that can be found in other aspects of your life?

For example, the hate of writing sometimes comes from shame or a sense of not being good enough. Is this about writing, or is it about things you learned that influence other areas of your life as well?

You don't really hate writing- you hate things about writing, and what it triggers in you.

Yes, something has to change, but perhaps it is not as simple as putting down your pen.

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