Friday, November 30, 2012


Yes, pithy acronyms are often trite, yet they can be instructive as well, and are easy to remember. Lets examine a couple associated with the word  FEAR, as they pertain to writing.

Future Events Appearing Real
Forget Everything and Run

Both of these "interpretations"of FEAR inhibit writing. When people operate under the Future Events Appearing Real interpretation, they worry that their work will be rejected, that it will be ridiculed, that they will not have success  This obviously is a major barrier; it is very hard to engage in actions what we view as futile. When we focus on these pessimistic views of the future, we sadly shift toward the second interpretation: Forget (or an other more colorful, F Bomb sort of word :)) Everything And Run.

When the future appears bleak, we will often turn away from the events that we believe cause them. So, if writing will lead to rejection and pain, then why bother? So, you stop writing, push it out of your mind, and move on to other things. Of course, being the intellectual that you are, you will develop sophisticated rationalizations for why this course of action is best. And then, you suffer.

Conversely, FEAR can mean Face Everything And Reach. Staying in the moment, staying in the process, and accepting that there will be future triumphs AND setbacks is essential. One must keep a present day mindset- today is the only day we can write. It is the only day we can do anything.

So, pardon if this post was an exercise in triteness; perhaps it can be a bit trite yet also stimulate some thinking and self reflection.

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  1. I have become fond of Future Expectations Assumed Reality...