Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Start of the Semester (or Quarter)

One of the most "dangerous" times of the year is the start of the academic term. There is so much to think about, classes, service, committees, students, articles coming back from review, requests to review articles, emails from old colleagues, ect, ect. I get anxious just thinking about it!

Often, one of the first things that "goes" is our writing. As I have said before- "pay" yourself first.  Many of the things that we think we "have to do" are perhaps not as important as nurturing our creative selves, and exploring ideas through writing. I try to remind myself that writing makes me a better teacher, and it does.

Yes, have a plan for the term, but most importantly, write each day no matter what! When you look back, if you are writing, even if it feels scattered and unfocused, you will find feel a lot better about yourself for having done so. Having a lost term just feels icky.

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