Saturday, February 16, 2019

Good Morning from Khon Kaen

I am in Northeast Thailand, Khon Kaen, visiting my dear friend and collaborator, the editor/journalist/teacher/writer Greg Lamphear. It feels good to be here--this has become something of a home away from home the last decade. We are slow-playing some work projects together (webinars), but the pace is languid. 

I have a week more of relative leisure here, which feels particularly relaxing after a hectic week in the Phillipines--a conference, a writing workshop, visits with my expat-research participants, which was followed by three days in Bangkok--another writing workshop, some meetings with qualitative researchers, and a whole poop ton (you know how much that is, right?) of work on an edited book in the final stages of production.

It is Sunday morning here, an I am at Tom N Tom's coffee- coffee culture has planted deep roots in the providence of Isan.

This morning, I work on a flash essay from a new serious on Tacoma.  I check in on my two online classes (The Criminalization of Immigration and Men, Masculinites and Criminal Justice).   I will walk around some more in a while--a year ago I was recovering from the first of two total knee replacements. I have much for which to be grateful.

Not sure I have much to say besides this--a simple check in, a bit of gratitude. That is enough today. That is enough on most days.

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  1. Thanks again, Rich. I always enjoy your insights and sharing of thoughts.