Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enjoying Sabbatical!

I have worked nearly every summer I have had in academic, so never have really had a full break. Even so, teaching summers is not that bad; there are really no committees to serve on (or few), and a lot of university life stops. But now, I am off the clock until January. And while my colleagues are not back on the clock yet (quarter system), knowing that I am not having to pay attention to ANYTHING that happens in my department, my university, or with my students is so darn liberating!

I love faculty life, but having time away from it all, my head feels so free. Waking up in the morning now, traveling, all I have to pay attention to is a few research interviews (and these have been amazing), and then doing some presentations soon, which I love to do.

But being free from the grind, the grind of family life (I love you guys) AND faculty life- I feel this sense of lightness that is so very, very rare.

And yes, I am writing :). I am writing a lot. I have been writing creative nonfiction shorts, and I am loving it!

Perhaps I should share one soon?

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  1. Yes, of course: do share.

    PS - Green with envy about that sense of lightness...