Monday, October 7, 2013

My Memoir: Falling South, is now published!

The only sad thing, perhaps, about having some success in publishing articles and books has been my lack of excitement when new work is published. It’s sort of a ”been there, done that” feeling. I remember when I held my first book in my hands, the feeling of excitement, the joy, the tears. It was a very, very special day.

Now, that feeling is back!!!!

My memoir, Falling South: A Memoir of Revolutions, is now out! You can get it in an EPub format at: 

It is perhaps the work of which I am most proud and excited. It might be valuable for those teaching narrative non-fiction, travel memoir, coming of age memoir, or for this interested in Central America in the 1980s.. Or, perhaps you just want a good read! Below is the synopsis.

Falling South is the memoir of a twenty one year old man seeking to transcend a deep and unsettling loneliness. Experience the drama as it unfolds in Central America in the mid-1980s, a land of war and revolution, an unwitting, tragic pawn in the last days of the cold war. A poetic and emotional journey, the author juxtaposes and contrasts personal and political revolutions. As you travel south with the author, you will encounter expatriates, revolutionaries, and those neglected by the seismic changes shaping their lives. Falling South is a journey of leaving home and finding it within. Falling South is a genre bending book, synthesizing the best of memoir, travel writing, and political reportage.

If you would be willing to tell those you know about it, I would be most thankful!!

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