Monday, March 4, 2013

Edited Books: Part Three

Now that I have possibly scared you out of taking on an edited book, let me tell you why you might want to consider doing one. In the final post in this series of posts, I will present some thoughts for starting the process, should you consider doing so. For now lets consider some benefits.

First, being the editor of a book is a great way of connecting to other scholars. For our current book  I was able to reach out to some scholars that  truly respect. A couple were not able to commit to writing chapters but I really enjoyed making contact with them and engaging them in dialogue.

Second, being an editor of a book is a great way of collaborating with someone you really want to work with. The only real reason I said yes to working on another edited book was to work with my dear friend and colleague Alyssa Ackerman.  Being able to have a lot of contact with her and sharing our ideas about what we like, and what we wish to have changed, in some chapters has really enriched my life.

Third, being an editor of a book is a great way of developing your reputation in your field. Since the publication of one of my edited books "Transnational Social Work Practice," I  have been invited to speak at international conferences and events, and have made some fantastic connections.

Fourth, it really is an exciting process. in spite of some of the frustrations and problems. I really enjoy getting great chapters from great scholars. Even earlier in the process, I really like crafting the structure of a volume; its a really enjoyable creative process.

Fifth, a good edited volume makes a valuable contribution. Some edited volumes can be powerful contributions to your field.

More to come!

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  1. This edited book series has been informative. I am mid-career and giving a lot of thought to a project like this to increase my visibility. I can think of one area in particular where this might make sense for me. I appreciate your candid remarks about the process.