Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Back from Philadelphia last night. On the plane, I was able to do some taking stock, of my writing projects, things started and not completed, things yet to be started.

It felt good, five hours to check in, take stock of my writing agenda, and see where things are. I am coming out of one of the busiest period of my life-I am looking forward to some unstructured time to think, think and write beyond the little bit I have done each day.

Tomorrow, off to Thailand- a conference, research, and then to work with my co-author on the new writing book. Our task, read it out loud together, see if anything needs to be added, and begin to query publishers.

And in this space, more time, slightly less structured than my daily life, slightly less full. I pledge to myself to recommit to a few articles in progress, and enjoy some unstructured time without the daily rhythms of family and faculty life.

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