Sunday, August 11, 2019

Drop In Coaching Chats: What They Are

Each week, except when I am traveling, I hold a drop in coaching chat call on zoom. You can find it here! It happens on Wednesday, 5pm Pacific time.

Yet, what secret, mystical things happen there, and who is allowed to engage in these clandestine meetings?

First, they are open and free to anyone who identifies as a scholar/academic/writer/doc student--from doc student to endowed Grand Poobah is welcome to come.

As to what happens during our sessions, it is pretty simple. You ask questions, I take the first shot at answering them, and if anyone has anything to add, we discuss.

Questions can be about anything pertaining to being a successful scholar: general productivity habits and methods, writing productivity, article writing, book development the peer review process, career development, resolving psychosocial barriers to success--anything that in the ballpark of the 800 posts I have blogged about here.

You can show up and be super active, or say little. We usually have between 3 and 10 people, and its a ton of fun.

Come on by.

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