Monday, September 3, 2012

Coming off two days off

A day off from writing, or two days off if you take weekends off, are a time for renewal. I have taken the last two days off, which is very rare for me. Today, I feel a sense of needing to write, but really do not know what I want to write about.

What do I do with my indecision? What do I do with this sense that I have nothing to say today, and that perhaps I should take another day off?

What do I do? I write. I thank my brain for its opinion (yes, I say this out loud), and get down to an article. I open one of my files with a very rough start to an article on the mission drift, international social work, and evidence based practice. It is a bit amorphous. I am not sure what I want to say.

Still, I quiet my brain, read the two pages I have so far, and write. I remind myself that writing is not what I do when I know what to so, but the method of learning what I want to say. It is a method of inquiry.

A page and a half later, I am still not clear where this is going, but am intrigued to find out!

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